Saturday, 20 February 2016

12 Basic Shinobi Principles

Like the Spirit Hidden Within a Young Bamboo
    These are not those principles we often call 18 principles or 18 disciplines rather they are like a set of rules like the code of Bushido that I had personally compiled and written a few years back, based on my own understanding of the 'way of Shinobi' and have no historical basis (specifically in an arranged order), though they were followed in some way by Shinobi of the old days and I found them to have been the base of Shinobi teachings and what I thought a person must follow to be deemed as a true Shinobi. These are circumstantial, meaning that the meaning of these may change based on the situation at present or may not be followed at all. It also depend on the type of Shinobi you are working on. I have tried to explain somewhat but most meanings of these can only be understood through word of mouth or practice. Here they are for a public reading but understanding of a few. I am presenting them almost the same as I had written them earlier.

The 12 basic shinobi principles:
1. Stealth: Nin/Shinobi literally means 'to hide'; ja means 'people'. so Ninja means 'hidden people'. Stealth is the most essential to be a ninja. He must at least not show his true intentions.

2. Silence: Silence is Golden. A ninja must know how to work his out through silence. He must know when to speak, when to keep silent and make his move. Internal silence is also important.