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Keep at Peace, keep your Patience and stick to your training with Perseverance.


  1. Sir
    Where is your training center? Is there any training center in Lahore?
    What is the age limit for ninja/ninjutsu?
    Also tell me what if one wear spectacles?
    Thank You!

    1. Muhammad Asad Mufti, thanks for the contact and I am not a Sir, please call me brother. Yes the training center is in Lahore. Please see: for details (If you don't wish to visit above link for some reason, contact Sir Rifat Abbas: +923007999963).
      There is no age limit.
      No, unless you don't have to do kumite (practice fight) there's no problem with the spectacles

  2. I appreciate your site. I train in Bujinkan as much as possible as well as a few other martial arts. I trained to 5th kyu, but my sensei's are "dan"'s in the US. I remembered my training and compared the "nin" to a marine and his connection to his gun (no experience, but like the popular movies, i.e., "Full Metal Jacket"), which is perhaps a crude example to mentors who would like me to exercise more discipline and "mental fortitude" or "toughness" in other areas of life (EQ vs. IQ). I was happy to find your site off Google and appreciate your explanations and respect what you are doing from what I've read. "Domo Arigatou gozaimasu" for what you do. I look forward to hearing more.


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