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Missing Nin
  From Islamabad, Pakistan I am a person who has dedicated himself to the way of virtue and the pursuance of truth. My aim has been to bring the true teachings of ninjutsu and Bujinkan budō to Pakistan. Ninjutsu is a path of self discovery for me. In pursuance of this goal, I have gone through various ups and downs but those served as my lessons and taught me how to persevere. For more please see my blogger profile.

Rifat Abbas
 From Lahore, Pakistan he initially trained under Mr. Farhat Abbas Shah and gained blackbelt from him in his 'ninja martial art' which was a mix of kickboxing, bando and Kyokushin karate. He then shifted to U.A.E for business matters around 1996 and during his twenty years of stay there, he trained in the true system of Bando and has gained third level (dan) in traditional bando and is the chief instructor of Abbas Bando centre -affiliated with Emirates Bando Association, American Bando Association headed by Dr. Maung Gyi, and International Bando League. He also has an honorary blackbelt in Taekwondo and is also a member of Komyokan Aikido Association of England. When it comes to Bujinkan, he first trained under a person who was a direct student of Hatsumi Masaaki Sōke, then he trained under shidoshi Ya Man, a direct student of Fumio Manaka Unsui Sensei, upto the level of sandan (3rd dan). For some time he had left Bujinkan but partly on my request (and partly also because his bando's students were interested in it), he once again joined it and is now affiliated with Bujinkan Tori Serbia under Nedeljko Asanin Shihan. He has now shifted to Pakistan recently and after some settlement, will start teaching martial arts here. (Update: Bujinkan Tori Lahore in affiliation with Bujinkan Tori Kragujevac has been officially started by Rif'at Abbas Sensei under the supervision of Nedeljko Asanin Shihan. See: http://www.bujinkantori.com/english/Contact.html).

Our Purpose:

Our Purpose in the most simple words is learning and promoting the teachings of ninjutsu and Bujinkan budō in Pakistan.
 And why we are doing this?
   You must know that money is certainly not our purpose with learning and promoting ninjutsu and Bujinkan in Pakistan. My purpose with ninjutsu is self discovery and to be able to pass on something useful to our next generations.

   Similarly, Rifat Abbas sensei has his own business setup and had his own dōjō of traditional Burmese style of 'Bando' named Abbas Bando Centre. He is a professional trainer of kickboxing and MMA. This means that he has other better earning sources. He is a religious person, following its true virtue and principles and thus also preaches to me repeatedly that I follow them. The only aim he has currently is to live a peaceful life and be helpful to as many people as he can in his life.
   The purpose of telling you all this is only to tell you that we are not doing it for money or selfish gains, like others who make it a business.

To contact us, see our Contact Us Page.

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