Friday, 22 April 2016

Modern Ninja?

modern ninja
Cover of a movie with Modern Ninja Concept Used
    Related questions are: 'Can there be some one a modern ninja?'; 'How to be a modern ninja?'. The answer(s) can be simple or it may be difficult. In the olden days, it could have been simple but in the modern world it becomes quite difficult, to answer these questions, because of matters of authenticity. These questions depend a lot on reason, prior knowledge and perception. Whatever be the answers, we must first need to understand the concept of being a ninja and the art of ninjutsu. I have given a short introduction about ninja and ninjutsu in an earlier post Introduction: Ninja and Ninjutsu. Also I have discussed the base concept of being a ninja in my post What it takes to be a ninja?. To answer some modern (added some old too) misconceptions about ninja and ninjutsu, I have already put forward an article/post by the title The 12 Misconceptions About Ninja & Ninjutsu. Once you have read the above posts with an open mind and acceptance (it is the first step to understand something), you will then be able to provide a sufficient, reasonable answer for yourself. Below I provide some of my own views based on the subject matter.