Saturday, 21 November 2015

History: Bujinkan part 2

Continued from the previous part...

3. Kumogakure-ryu Ninpō: Kumogakure: 'clouds-hidden village' is another school of ninpō. It is famous for its unique fiery masks and demon style techniques, used to scare the guts out of a person. The famous Sarutobi Sasuke is also said to be from this ryu. The Soké lineage is as:

Kumogakure-ryu Soké Lineage

4. Shinden Fudo-ryu Dakentaijutsu: Literally meaning "Immovable Spirit School of Striking Free-body Techniques". Founded by Izumo Kanja Yoshiteru and based upon the teachings of Chinese Kempo Boxing. The Soké lineage is as:

History: Bujinkan part 1

Koto-ryu Koppojutsu (Tiger knocking-down bone-breaking technique)
   Bujinkan is not a single form of martial art. Rather it's a whole system of martial traditions based on teachings from 9 ryu-ha of budo and ninpó. Bujinkan is a collection of techniques from all these schools in an organization. Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is the complete name for the system. It was founded by Hatsumi Masaaki (birth name: Yoshiaki) Soké so its history is directly linked to the life of Soké. The ryu-ha (old schools) themselves each have a distinct long history which complexly overlaps somewhere, so I can not discuss them in detail and then my knowledge ends at just Togakure-ryu. But first I want to write something about the life of Hatsumi Masaaki Soké and how he came to found Bujinkan.