Friday, 15 April 2016

Some Famous People and Their Relation to Ninjutsu

Hōzōin of Spear Technique
   There have been numerous people throughout history who have made names for themselves through their skills, wisdom or leadership. Since, our subject is mainly about ninjutsu I am not here to discuss their accomplishments but to briefly discuss the relation of few of those people who were famous and are more or less thought to have some connection to ninjutsu. Some of these were ninjas but still got fame and some are by much far not seen to have any connection to ninjutsu but they do have some, directly or indirectly. I will not name any daimyō or a commander of forces (in Japan) who have made use of the shinobi in peace or war times because Shinobi have been extensively used by almost all lords and most commanders, even Oda Nobunaga who destroyed the villages of Iga and Koka used them -in the battle of Iga (Iga no Ran) and at other occasions. He had named his shinobi named as Kyodan. Currently, I can only think of these eight of the most famous people having some connections to ninja or ninjutsu. I will add more once I can think of others.