Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Top 5 Fake Ninja Grandmasters

   "I see the problem with all these fakes is that they do not want to be just ninjas, they want to be called the ninja grandmasters because they want the money and fame associated with it and they want it quick and easy".
   I have put earlier in my post 'The Story of A Pakistani Ninja', the case of F.A. Shah and his disciples claiming to be teaching ninjutsu and disproved their claims. I have also published earlier 'The 12 Misconceptions About Ninja & Ninjutsu' to point out the twelve greatest misconceptions people have about ninja and ninjutsu. There you will see that I stated important points especially in the section 'Ninjutsu is a martial art.' where I have said, "many fake ninjutsu masters or teachers take advantage of the fame of ninja and Bujinkan ninjutsu so as to fool young minds, by teaching them a combination of martial arts they know and call it ninjutsu" and I have also said that the most famous of these fake masters live in U.S and Japan. Thus, as I had said that I will discuss this in a separate post, today I have brought the list of five of those fake masters claiming to be teaching traditional or true form of ninjutsu.
But before that let me list three of those main reasons or misconceptions due to which people fall into the trap of such fakes. These are: 1. Thinking that ninjutsu is a martial art; 2. Wearing the black gi, performing entertaining acts with body or weapons, and 3. Claiming a lineage linking back to Japan or Korea. I would also like to list the three questions that you can simply ask these self-proclaimed grandmasters of ninjutsu to refute their claims; these are: