Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Shinobi Hand Seals: Kuji Kiri (Part 1)

kuji in
Ukiyo-e depicting Ninja performing Kuji
   Before going to explain Kuji-Kiri, let me give a short introduction of Hand Seals. Hand seals are symbols or signs made with hands to perform certain rituals, give commands or messages. The seal formed is an expression of the person's will, to bring about the desired effect. We in our daily life, use many symbols to communicate, such as these alphabets are symbols to let you understand what I think or say. Such are the shinobi hand seals, which are symbols or commands predetermined, so the fellow shinobi or your own subconscious can understand to perform an action.
   The use of hand symbols is an old practice. Many religions do involve such symbols for praying, chanting or demonstrating an ideology. The use of shinobi hand seals are attributed to have came from the practices of MikkyŨ. There were said to be a total number of 81 such hand seals; another tradition says there were 57. Both can be agreed upon as they fill up the connection of numerology between them.
   For performing the shinobi hand seals to bend nature, you need to understand the basic philosophy behind it. You must understand that even though everything seems distinct from each other, universally they are all one; they are from the same single source and the soul of their source still runs through them all. This is the base of shinobi way of becoming one with the nature.