Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Story of A Pakistani Ninja

first ninja of Pakistan
Young Master F.A.Shah with his students
 Just to put you to the wonder, I would like to say that the teachings of the art came to Pakistan in 1983, surprisingly even before Iran where they were introduced in around 1989. Sir Farhat Abbas Shah came to be known as the first ninja of Pakistan. He started teaching martial arts in Baghe Jinnah (Jinnah Gardens), Lahore though it is not known clearly from which source he may have had received his teachings. It is only known that he had received a blackbelt in what was said to be the Bandó Karate, from Ashraf Tai, who was credited to be the first one to introduce foreign martial arts in Pakistan. About his ninjutsu training I asked many but the reply we get when we ask some of his direct students (or anyone that knows something about him) is that his teacher was Ashraf Tai and no one knows about any of his instructor(s) in Bujinkan or any other (claimed to be) ninjutsu. There were a number of reasons to believe that he may have studied it, somewhat. I asked others who may have known it, searched a lot for such clues, that may have helped find it and at last found some. Ultimately, I have came up on a final decision, based on the supporting clues and facts, about where he may have really learned (what he calls) ninjutsu from. The research I did is presented in this post and also a short bio of his life at the end.
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First I would like to share a few things I observed about the form of art he taught: